The New Boys

30 07 2014

The last days I designed two new characters with MakeHuman. See the results in a holiday scene.



8 07 2014


Preview: Location for “The Battle”

18 03 2013

Here are some impressions from the work for the factory building that would be the location for my next short film “The Battle”.






The Battle – Chapter Zero

17 03 2013

This is the first test for a small videoseries with dancestyles, I hope. For me its for testing cycles renderengine and importing, stitching and converting actions. In this small vid is no action edited. Hope you enjoy!

See the short video on YouTube – click the picture below!



Mountain Cabin For Download

13 01 2013

Now you can download the mountain cabin landscape at BlendSwap. Sorry about the textures, but I cant distribute it without licence. The node setups are inside. Take only your own textures.



HowTo Setup Texture Affected Lights In Cycles

12 01 2013

An interesting way to make pictures or videos more realistic is to work with textured lights. They give you an great variation of controlling the scenes character. In this simple tutorial I show how to do this. Have fun to explore the possibilities of textured lights. Under the videolink picture is a gallery with pics from setup and a few scene experiments.


Picture Gallery

Blender Cycles Hair Rendertest With Hairdynamics

31 12 2012

My first test with the new feature cycles hair rendering. I downloaded the blender-build here: and make a test with hairdynamics. Beautiful to see hair rendered with cycles. I have to change the properties of the hair and the material, and then go! I hope! Below the video there are a few renders and screenshots from work.

Titel hairdyntestYoutube